Monday, February 18, 2008

Jammu: The First Two Days

As we landed at the Jammu airport, I realised that the city was a rather small one. We were picked up by a colleague of Di's, and dropped at a nice luxury hotel. I saw that there was the famous "Raghunath Temple" just near the hotel. I made a mental note of visiting it later in the day. Di left for work immediately after having breakfast and I was left to entertain myself.

Unfortunately, there was no cyber cafe near the hotel. I was also a little scared about going out alone. The city did not seem too safe to me. I could be wrong, but I saw few women on the roads. So I remained cooped up in the hotel room. Thankfully, I'd brought along a book and it (with a lot of help from the TV) kept me entertained. In the evening we went out for a stroll and missed the Raghunath Temple" coz we were carrying cell phones and digi cam. All that stuff is not allowed in there, you see. The temple looked lovely from outside. Its exterior is done in gold and they light it up beautifully in the evening.

We walked through the bazaars and were appalled at the huge discounts being offered on all woollens and knitwear- in practically every shop. Of course, even the discounted prices were way too high!

Nothing eventful happened in both the days we were at the hotel. We had originally planned to leave for Katra on Friday evening (our second day in Jammu). But people scared us with warnings of extreme cold on the trail leading to the Vaishno Devi Temple. So we decided to leave on Saturday morning.

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