Friday, February 29, 2008

Dr. Vijay Mallya writes to me...

On Feb 17, We flew back from our Jammu trip with the Kingfisher Airlines. We noticed a few things amiss about the ground staff and I decided to take 'em up with the chairman (who else?). So I wrote an email to Dr. Vijay Mallya about my whole experience with his airline. Now, even at my optimist best, I did not expect any reply. And when a couple of days had passed away, I almost chided myself for wasting time on that email.

But yesterday, Mr. Chairman did reply to my email and in such great words! I just couldn't stop myself from smiling........and also from forwarding the email to mom, dad, nitin, deeks and di. C'mon, I never said modesty was one of my virtues!

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