Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In-Laws Coming

My dear sis-in-law Aarti is coming to India with her hubby Naren and little daughter Meghna sometime in March. They are visiting us for 10-15 days. Bua will also be coming along with them. Maybe Aarti brings her mom-in-law too. We have asked her to.

I was a little worried initially, considering the little space we have. And add to that the water and power trouble we have in Delhi. We considered putting them up at a hotel. But yesterday, I spoke to my mama abt it and he said he'd take care of it. He'll arrange a flat in his own apartment society. This means I need not worry abt water or ower as the society provides 100 % back up. A big load taken off my head!

We will take them all to Ldh for 2 days. They plan to go to Amritsar also. There are lots of places to see in Delhi also. Since Aarti has never been to Delhi, this could be a lot of fun for her.

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jay said...

hi shalz,why r u worried over coming of ur sis in law,she will be simply happy to be with u love does not depends upon what u have ,water shortage is a problem but not so that it effects ur relations.be good host.vijay