Monday, October 6, 2008

A new vocation?

I have tried my hand at many things. As a kid, i wanted to be a fashion designer. But a "really silly" mistake in the NIFT exam (and my insitence that only the "best" would do) took care of that! Then, it was Human Resource Management. I dabbled in DMBS, Oracle and stuff too. I also did some sales kinda work. Finally, I went into creative writing. Side by side, I also did freelance "boring" SEO content writing. This content writing/editing thing has probably been the best thing I have done so far. It's surely the most enjoyable!

But I have always felt like "this is NOT my calling". No matter what I try, I always feel the same. Last weekend I tried something new. I have always been excited by the art of hair-styling (and the money it offers!). Last weekend, I convinced Di to let me experiment with his hair. It was really ove grown and he needed a cut. I have tried to convince him many times in the last 5 years...unsuccessfully. This time I tried a little "emotional blackmail" and got him to agree.

With really bad scissors I set off on the experiment. I was scared that I would ruin his hair and chopped just a little hair at a time. Mid way, I felt I was doing it all wrong! Though Di did not scream at me at all, I was really disappointed. But as I looked at his hair every day, I knew what mistakes I had made. And I was hell bent on doing it properly. So this weekend, I got him to give me another chance. This time, I felt confident coz I knew how to do it better. I gave him a splendid cut, I think.

Di really liked the result and told me I had a natural flair for this art. My confidence got a big boost when one of his friends complimented him TWICE on the cut and even asked him where he got it!!!!! Now I am considering investing a little time, effort and money into it. Sadly, there's not a single hair academy of repute in Kanpur. So that's something that might be a problem!

I know I should put up some pictures with this post :-) but I have not taken any! Perhaps I will....