Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Funny Story...

This one really happened with us. I was a little sick and had a lot of cough. But Bollywood freaks that we are, Di and I went to catch the movie "Namaste London". I just loved the movie and the actors were good. One particular incident made it all the more fun for me, and a little less fun for someone else.

I was chewing on gum to keep the cough in check. Suddenly, I had a bout of cough, and out flying went the gum...from my land in the hair of the guy sitting right ahead of me. I was suddenly scared that he would get up and give me a piece of his mind. But I s'pose he was the "little shy" kind...or perhaps a decent guy who let it pass. So nothing nasty happened to me.

Though I feel very sorry for the guy, I just could not stop laughing!!!!!!!!! I am a really really really bad person, I guess ;-)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I hate all car-owners.....

Yes, that's right. I absolutely hate all the car owners and I hate them for their guts. Delhi has such lovely wide roads, but the people (like everywhere else in India) have no civic sense. People open up commercial establishments in their houses if they overlook a main road. And then begins all the irresponsible parking...

I know few people will believe me, but I have really seen people park their cars as if the road is just a parking lot and traffic is not allowed on the road. Rickshaw pullers are forced to leave their lanes and drive in the cnter/right side of the road. Everyone knows how many accidents that can cause. And I hate this situation personally, because it makes it difficult for me to walk. I have to keep watching out to save my ass.

Ever seen people in cars eat stuff? They actually believe that the second function of the road (first is to serve as a parking lot) is to serve as a dustbin. So out of the window goes any waste paper, banana peel, mineral water bottle, empty packets of chips, soda cans etc etc etc. With all this littering, can we ever have clean cities?

And we are talking about the privileged section of the society, who are probably better educated than the poor people. But then, what's education got to do with civic sense, Right?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Your husband is so good looking.....

That's what I got from at least 4-5 people yesterday. This happened after I put up a picture of the two of us on orkut. Of course, I chose a picture that wud show us off in the best possible light. Yeah, he does look rather handsome in that cap and those sun-glasses.

I feel ignored, people!