Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Di doesn't sleep for 24 hours: Can you believe that?

Saturday morning we woke up at 8 and Di did not get to catch his 'umpteen' winks till around 12 on sunday. Doesn't he look too cute trying to nap at the airport? Even at home he just wouldn't get out of the bed. But nevertheless, it's an achievement, guys!!!

Meanwhile, I am down with a sore throat and fever. My fault, actually. I had some vinegar laden food last night and my throat has been hurting ever since. Di says it's not cold anymore. But I'm feeling cold. Guess I need a couple of days to recuperate.


Vijay said...

yes we can believe as it can be seen from his face with closed and tense eyes.why to waste time in waiting 4 flight he can make use of it.

shalz said...

Trying to defend him?