Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Paradise Lost?

"Jaya Sankar, 22, an Indian student studying in Melbourne, watched as his friend was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver, putting him in a coma. Now, Sankar’s parents want him to quit his studies and return home."

Violent crime against Indian students, including attacks with machetes, knives, and knuckle dusters, has risen by a third in the past year in the state of Victoria. A poll on the Indian students’ federation Web site shows 83 percent of respondents believe there has been an increase in racism in Australia. In one court case, accused youths described the attacks as “curry bashing,” Gupta (secretary of the Federation) said. “If they are using words like ‘curry bashing’ and ‘Indian hunting’ I fail to see how it is not racism,” he said. Gupta said he’s scared to use public transportation after 8 p.m.

The recent media attention on the Racist attitudes in Australia brings forth some questions. Again, is it really worth it? To be called names, to be kicked, insulted, mocked, and to be told to go back home, maybe even killed...is all this crap worth it?

Not many weeks ago, An NRI living in Australia (supposedly) was commenting away to glory in this blog. From women's rights to cleanliness to other things, she painted a picture of the perfect place to live. But the statistics tell a different story. The hate crimes against Indians in Australia are not "few" by any standards. They are continuing without any signs of abating, in spite of all the media attention.

Life as an NRI cannot be very different from the life of a Bihari/UP bhaiya living in Delhi, Punjab or Mumbai. The locals do not like them. The locals do not accept them as one of their own. There may be more money or better living standards than back home. But there is no respect and you can never break the barriers of race.


Anonymous said...

I recently watched the movie Yeh Mera India. After that I felt compelled to check out your blog and discovered that you had written another article quoting what we had discussed earlier.

You know it's very sad that my country Australia became a victim of crimes against Indians. But it is worse when people and media use such instances to draw conclusions.

Women were raped by men in groups during the Gujarat riots of 2002. Over 1200 people were killed when Hindus & Muslims attacked each other. And this is not once instance of riots in India. I can list a hundred more. Is this "brotherly love" if not racism or communal violence?

Rapes against foreign women are increasingly rising in India. Does that mean all tourists must stop visiting the country? Or does it mean that all men in India are perverted bastards? I would want to know how many Indian people withdrew their applications for residency or education in Australia after the recent crimes against us? If 10 people were attacked, let's not overlook that the country has given employment to thousands of Indians!

You are absolutely right when you make a statement about Biharis in Punjab or Delhi. But it is racism when we label them as "bhaiyas". So I don't understand what gives Indians the right to call others racist when they themselves are the biggest racist group of the world!

History is proof to show where ever there is majority/minority/diversity, issues will tend to rise, no matter what part of the world. As educated members of the society we can only stand against it. I only feel frustrated and defeated when I see people using it for self consolation and dirty propaganda.

shalz said...

I didn't see your comment for very long coz I hv been inactive. Good to hear from u again.

I can understand your feelings, to an extent. And I think that often the picture of terror/crime that is painted by the media...is a lot worse than the ground reality.

I agree with you that all the crimes listed by you are happening in India...but do 2 wrongs make a right?

My only qustion is, is it worth it? India has changed a lot. Today morning, I was chatting with a old friend who has not been here for a long time. I asked him why he liked it in Canada and his reply mentioned among other things, "paying bills online". I was apalled that Indians living abroad have no idea of what is happening back home!

Please understand that my posts are only a question for myself (and anyone who cares to read)...regarding MY future. This is neither a propaganda, nor meant to insult any race, group or country. I am sorry if I gave you that impression.