Friday, September 19, 2008

Moving on and on...

So we have moved house twice in the last 3 months and we want to do it once again. Yes, that is true! As we were happily settled in Delhi, Dinesh was asked to move to Dehradun. The thing is that there is this guy called "Varun" in the Doon branch, who wanted to be moved to Kanpur. So somebody had to be moved to Doon to takehis place, right? Now Di was offred the position of Cluster Head- Uttaranchal as the carrot. Though we loved Delhi a lot, we decided to take it up as a new experience.

I still remember our first 2 days in Doon. We hated the place. We hated the people. There was no Satellite TV connection. That was the reason! As we got the TV connection and Internet in place, our outlook changed completely. Dehradun is certainly the est place we have ever been in. The pollution is noticeable by absence. The greenery is such a visual treat. In fact, we had a nice mountain view right frm our kicthen, backyard and the terrace. The best thing about Doon is the lovely climate. We knew that this is where we wanted to live, if in India.

But as usual, "Man proposes and God disposes!" So the mighty forces above disposed of this wish of ours. After having spent 2 months in Doon, Di was asked to move to Kanpur. Reason? The "Varun" guy refused to budge! The compay could not afford to have two people for one job in Doon. Also, a position had been created for Varun in Kanpur and somebody had to fill it! So Di was offered 2 more clusters in UP as more carrots. So we moved again.

I don't really know wht to say about Kanpur. Perhaps I will save it for the next post. In one sentence, we don't like it here at all. This is the reason we want to move once again. Who knows when or how will that happen? But it surely must happen, sooner or later! Thepicture shows a view of a cloudy afternoon from our terrace in Doon.


Shib said...

ahh you have been missed in the blogosphere! I hope you gyus get to move where you ant to without any hassles.

shalz said...

So do we!