Thursday, September 25, 2008

Under Attack!

The locality where we live these days is the most expensive in Kanpur. Not only the rentals, but even the things like vegetables, clothes, dining out...everything is very expensive. You'd think we must live in style! But we don't. I really am quite clueless about why this place is so expensive. Sure there are two 5 Star hotels at a walking distance. But apart from's pretty run down!

Anyways, this post is about "Monkeys". Every day one or two monkeys somehow land in front of my door. We live on the 1st floor and have this open space, like a porch, in the front. So the monkeys like to pay a visit every day. One evening, it was time for Di to get back home and there was this biggg monkey sitting outside the door. I opened one of the doors (there are two) and banged a stick on the floor to scare it away. To my shock, it immediately jumped at me. I would surely have been bitten had I not immediately steppd inside and shut the door! Thankfully, I am so afraid of them that I was standing in the doorway whe I tried to scare it off. So finally, it scared me off.

I just called Di and told him to come home a little late. The monkey took its time in going away. But it scared me out of my wits that day!

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