Sunday, February 14, 2010

Matheran, Back To Basics!

Last weekend was a long with with Friday being Maha Shiv Ratri. So we decided to go to Matheran. It is one of Di's favo hill stations and I have never been there. We booked a resort online, for what seemed to be a not too expensive deal. But to be honest, we kinda got fooled. The cottages were nothing like what was shown in the pictures. Probably the pictures were taken years ago, when the resort had been opened.

Though it seemed to be a little in desrepair, the resort was beautiful basically due to the immense tree cover. Not only were there trees everywhere, the whole place was also lined with swings of all varieties. We enjoyed that.

Coming to the place, Matheran is the world's smallest hill station. It is the most eco sensitive place in our country, and also the only pedestrian hill station in Asia. What made the place special was that no vehicles are allowed inside Matheran. It's either your legs or horses or hand pulled rickshaws. The forest cover is amazing and our cottage was seperated from the forest by just a 8-9 feet high wall.

What we enjoyed the most was hiking through the pathways in the forest. You can get horses to go to the various tourist spots, or even the rickshaws. But it's most fun if you hike it out.

What we did not like? The mobile networks were not very good. We did not get any network within the resort, and little outside. What's worse, your wireless broadband internet will also not work there. Nor is a cyber cafe to be found in Matheran. So you are basically completely cut off. I missed the internet quite a bit.

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