Monday, April 21, 2008

Honesty is certainly not the "right" policy these days.

Yesterday I went shopping with my aunt and probably left my phone at the billing counter (silly me) or at the juice stall where I bought two glasses of litchi juice from. As soon as I realised that I had lost my phone, I called my number from a pay phone. Obviously it was switched off. And here am I wondering where did the good old honesty go?

The phone was a favorite, a gift from my husband. It was expensive when I'd bought it. It contained a lot of our memories, photographs, messages and videos. I do have the little satisfaction of knowing that whoever has taken my phone will not be able to use it coz I had put in an unlock code and also a SIM lock code. So the moment the phone is switched off, it can never be switched back on...neither with my SIM card...nor with any other. The phone can be used after putting in some efforts I guess :-(

I am very very very sad. I have been cursing myself for being so stupid and careless. I cant seem to get over it!

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